About Me

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My career path (and my life) have seen many winding roads. I started university with the hopes of becoming a high-powered marketing executive! I enrolled as a marketing major along with thousands of other driven female students.  Luckily for me, my school required all business majors to take courses covering all aspects of business (i.e. economics, corporate law, marketing, and accounting to name a few).  Halfway through my first semester (and to my surprise!), I was excelling in all my accounting classes. In fact, I was acing every test and had the top grade in the entire freshman class.  I couldn't believe it!! 

My accounting professor pulled me aside and gave me the some advice that would change my career path for good! He said "When you graduate, you have two paths 1) you can be one of a million women around the country fighting for a few coveted marketing jobs or 2) you can be one of the best and most talented women entering the world of accounting." What he said was true, I needed to focus on what I was good at and where I had the biggest advantage and opportunity for success. (Hint hint! This is the same advice that I give me clients today!)

I took his advice, graduated with a Masters in Accountancy and just a few years later became the youngest Chief Financial Officer in my billion dollar company's history!!  It was a a meteoric rise in the ranks of my company and I was damn proud of my success!! But unfortunately being successful in your career doesn't mean you are successful in life...

In the C-suite of the corporate world, you are constantly answering to someone. Your boss, your Board of Directors,  your shareholders. My job quickly began to consume my life. Work became my #1 priority with my health being an after thought.  After years of working too long and too much, stressing about the next Board meeting or earnings release, and surviving off of coffee and fast food, my job caught up with me. 

My body said enough is enough in the form of being diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune disease called Ulcerative Colitis. That is when I got serious about my health and my VITALITY

My personal wellness journey full of reading medical books, attending health seminars, and pouring through research studies, led me to a new passion: HOLISTIC HEALTH. I soon enrolled in school to become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with the goal of helping others and also building a thriving business. 

Since graduating from my health coaching program, I have spent the past 6 months applying everything I have learned from my 15+ years in the corporate world. I know the strategy, I know the secrets, I know how to scale. And guess what? In just six months, my business has grown to 6-figures in revenue. Oh and I did it in a healthy way - no stress, no overworking, and no putting self-care on the back burner!

How did I see such incredible results? It's easy - I applied my Proven Business Vitality Formula to launching a business.  Now I am on a mission to inspire and empower as many women as possible to do what they love, create a life of balance and make sure they are successful. 

My career has come full circle, as I am now not only a marketer (focused on marketing my own businesses), but I am an entrepreneur and business coach. I succeed when you succeed!

Why Work With Me?

  • I created a 6-figure health and lifestyle company in just 6 months
  • I know how to take an idea and launch a profitable business 
  • I am a sales funnel expert and know how to attract and convert customers
  • I am all about automating your business to achieve scale and increase your margins
  • Worked as CFO of a billion dollar company
  • Help to scale a start-up business from $0 - $500 million in revenue in 3 years

  • I have a Masters in Accountancy and Business

  • I am a Global Health Coach and living a healthy life while achieving career success

  • I love working with bossbabes looking to make major impact!